Convert expierences, into reviews

Automatically remind customers to leave reviews via Email and SMS, and boost your Google Business rating.


Automatically send review reminders to customers after a job well done, and only forward customers to Google Reviews if criteria is met.


Easily work with unhappy clients to figure out what went wrong to fix problems in the future, demonstrating excellent customer service and building future clients.

SEO Ranking

Good reviews will push your shop to the top of Google's search results, where new customers will easily find your automotive shop

Frequently asked questions

We're always here to answer any questions you may have, but here are some common answers.

Can the software send automated email or SMS requests for customers to leave reviews?

After an appointment or an invoice is paid, reviews can be collected automatically or upon shop request. After an invoice is paid an option to leave an internal review as well as a Google Review is presented.

Is there a mechanism to filter or moderate reviews to ensure the highest rating?

Can the software generate automated thank-you messages or responses to customers who leave reviews?

Does the software provide a centralized dashboard to manage and respond to Google reviews from within the platform?

Can the software monitor and notify the shop owner of new Google reviews in real-time?

Does the software offer a feature to request and collect internal reviews from customers?

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