Booking made easy

Handle all appointments in an easy to manage format, automated reminders and confirmation messages, and e-booking.


Technicians / customers instantly schedule appointments for any timeslot

Confirm / Remind

Wrenchy automatically sends SMS and email confirmations to customers, as well as reminders.


Track no-shows, cancelled and arrived / completed appointments all with our advanced reporting.

Frequently asked questions

We're always here to answer any questions you may have, but here are some common answers.

Can the appointment scheduling feature handle multiple service bays or technicians simultaneously?

Our software is made to scale with your automotive shop, Wrenchy can easily handle scheduling of multiple appointments at the same time, and will notify technicians if new appointments have been added to the scheduling tab without ever needing to refresh the page.

Does the software allow customers to book appointments online, through a mobile app, or via phone call?

Can the software send automated reminders to customers about their upcoming appointments?

Can customers receive notifications about any delays or changes to their scheduled appointments?

Does the software allow customers to provide additional details or notes about their specific service needs when booking appointments?

Does the software allow for easy rescheduling or cancellation of appointments by both the shop and customers?

Can the software generate reports or provide analytics related to appointment scheduling, such as busiest times of the day or week?

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